This Vintage Drexel Heritage table is solid wood and measures 24" tall by 22" wide by 25.5" deep and oval in shape. It is made well and heavy. There is a slide out flat surface (apppears like a small drawer) with a nice brass ring pull. The table has a lower shelf. Reloved this table with a bit of Dixie Belle "Saw Mill Gravy" mineral paint, a reDesign with Prima floral transfer on the bottom shelf -  Transfers are images in thin ink that can be lifted and applied to certain surfaces. Prep is needed for the piece to receive it, and once applied, prep is needed for piece to accept it. A sealer is then applied. These are not decals -goal is to meld it with the surface you are applying it to. There are subtle hints of  pastel colors around the table edgings that blend in with the other colors. 

SOLD Shabby Vintage Oval Table