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This is a very nice vintage and collectible Coca-Cola thermometer. The thermometer is large and while this item is vintage, the metal and paint are in excellent condition. The thermometer works well. It was a little chilly in the shop this morning when I went to take pictures lol, this item is available for shipping although the six dollar shipping we charge for all things purchased on the website may have to be adjusted just a little since I will have to put this in a larger box than what we typically use. If that is the case and it exceeds just a few dollars. I may have to talk to you about it, but in any case that's something we can discuss later. I can't imagine that it would be more than a few dollars.  Because there is some value on this item, at your request, I would be happy to purchase insurance, but that cost would have to be absorbed by you. I included a second picture so that you could get an idea of how tall the thermometer is surrounded by some other things on

Large Vintage Coca Cola Thermometer

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