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Young Threads is a favorite brand at 2VintageChics and we love these embroidered patchwork stonewashed pants. A bit of Bohemian Rhapsody. Channel the groovy spirit of the 60s with these captivating ankle-length pants featuring a harmonious blend of stonewashed and exquisite black & white Georgette patchwork. Side panels of stnning patchwork cascade down to the ankle creating a mesmerizing visual appeal that captures the essence of boehmian fashion. Payful frill detail at the bottom hem adding a light movement to your stride. Waistband is elasticized ensuring comfort and effortless fit while pockets provide a touch of practicality. A printed belt (optional - wear it or not), completes the ensemble adding a touch of sophistication and a more defined silhouette. 

Embracing the 60's - Stonewashed Patchwork Pants

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