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This is a custom made live edge black walnut table that stands 32" tall by 42" wide and 16.5" deep. My apologies for all the glare in the photos. After cleaning and prepping and sanding this piece, we decided to do a full pour over of an epoxy resin finish. The epoxy/resin finish is a beautiful finish. We used both a clear and rich black color throughout. This black walnut  piece has a lot of nice grooving along the edging and the darker epoxy really makes this table uniquely different. Of course black walnut is just plain beautiful and that can be more seen on the top. We have attached 4 black metal legs. Should your floor not be entirely even, the metal legs have a feature at the bottom that allows you level/adjust the legs to fit your floor. This item is an in shop pick up only. We do not ship furniture. If you would like us to do a 24 to 48 hour hold, please reach out in contact me directly.

Custom Epoxy/Resin Blackwalnut Live Edge

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