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This sweet vintage vanity is approximately 44 inches wide by  26 1/2 inches tall by 18 inches deep. The mirror which is grand and big is approximately 35 inches tall by  33 inches wide - it is easily detachable. Using Dixie Belle paint, I did a base of a creamy gray which has a darker hue not lighter, and used a very subtle pale pink to outline the sweet veneer beading accents. I thought it would be good to make the drawer fronts the center focal and did some decoupage using rice paper sanded and then added some finer hand painting so the image would meld into the wood. The drawer pulls are original but I painted and used a bit of gilding wax to accent. The bench is approximately 21 inches wide by 14 1/2 inches deep by 17 inches tall.  A little added accent at the bottom of the mirror there was some patina that was not the pretty kind, lol, so I added a flower and B transfer to the glass sealed it and painted the wood piece attached to the dresser like a flower basket. I love how it turned out and gives the mirror a bit of depth and fun. I clearcoat it to protect

SOLD 1940’s Vtg. Vanity and Bench Do-over

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